Dave Knight (horshoo) wrote in nefariousnotion,
Dave Knight

Inattentive drivers

If you haven't ridden with me, you might be surprised to find my usual calm demeanor can be shattered by stupid drivers. It's particularly annoying to me when people don't move out smartly when the light turns green, thereby limiting the number of cars that can get through the light.

Yesterday I was waiting at a light behind a woman talking on a cellphone. About 5 seconds after the light turned green I was about to lean on the horn and yell

It's a car, dammit, not a $%&*$%$ phone booth! Hang up the bleeping phone and drive, bitch!

but then she finally started to move, just as I lightly beeped the horn. I just rolled my eyes as my blood pressure returned to a more normal level. I once saw a bumper sticker with that sentiment, and it just pops into my head whenever I see someone driving and yakking.
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