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welcome, and how to post

welcome to nefariousnotion, a community where you can be honest with what's REALLY on your mind for a change.

i encourage you to read the community information to understand the mission of this community. you don't have to be an evil person to join. in fact, it's those of us who demonstrate restraint in our lives that have the most amusing thoughts that cross our mind when dealing in the most unpleasant of circumstances.

posts can be quite short - just give us enough background to understand the basics, and then tell us what was REALLY on your mind. i suggest you use itialicized text to highlight what you were thinking, but didn't say.

for our amusment, be sure and tell us what you DID say, instead.

this should be fun. if you have any questions, ask. :)

like, duh...

happy posting! i'll be making icons shortly, but if you have a gift in that area, feel free to volunteer your talents.

most importantly, don't forget to tell your friends about nefariousnotion, because it's cheaper than therapy!
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