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So What's REALLY On Your Mind?

Those who speak their (evil) mind
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I created this community as an outlet for my frustrations, simply wanting a place to say what was on my mind, as evil, as crude, and as inappropriate as saying or acting on the actual thought would be. I'm a fairly well-behaved girl, living typically inside the societal standards expected for those of us. But I wanted a place to vent the crazy, evil, and sometimes downright felonious thoughts that cross my mind from time to time.


Day in and day out, we live our lives, do our jobs, fulfill our roles and usually live up to the standards that are expected of us. That doesn't mean we don't have plenty of evil thoughts that cross our mind from time to time, often thoughts that are rude, amusing, and occasionally, downright awful. This community is a place for you to vent the evil thoughts that cross your mind, even though you'd probably never say them out loud or ever act on them. Go ahead, get them off your chest and have a laugh about it. Don't be bashful... think of it as your opportunity to entertain those with your frustration or even anger.

I don't have many rules in mind. Just be yourself, be considerate and let the evil thoughts rip! Also, anyone who violates the privacy of members by divulging contents of posts to others will be banned immediately. What is shared in this community should be taken as humor -- and not shared with anyone else, without the author's express permission.

have fun!

a tip for you. i encourage you to italicize those thoughts that remain unspoken, the evil thoughts that cross your mind. it will be easier for the reader to understand what it is that you were thinking and yet, remained unsaid. a very easy html tag will italicize for you what words you wish to highlight as those unspoken thoughts.

i welcome any and all suggestions, as this is a very new community and concept. i would love any input.

~your mod, just_monicat