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my first evil confession

so grandpa is driving me insane. but that's nothing new. after a week on bedrest he feels as though no demand is too large, inappropriate. as though i have nothing better than to wait on him hand and foot.

so, i was in conversation, taking a phone call from a client while he yells to me from the bedroom. the urgency in his voice made me wonder what must be so awful...

i cut the phone conversation short and jog back to the room.

"what's wrong grandpa?"
my leg's hurt. i need you to help me.
ok, what can i do?
well, that thing on my legs is hurting my knees!
what thing? the AFGHAN?
yes. it's just too heavy.

listen dude, you don't know what heavy is. i'm going to drop your ass off in the nursing home faster than you can say "pureed prunes" if you don't quit this bullshit.

ok there, sorry about that very heavy afghan. much better? *smirk*
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