Dave Knight (horshoo) wrote in nefariousnotion,
Dave Knight

Stop slowing me down!

OK, I know that's a recurring theme of mine. And I'm not really that impatient. But why does someone show up for a bike ride not knowing that everybody else will be riding faster than they are capable of? The ride was listed as Class A-B, and the club info defines A as 18-20 mph and B as 16-18. A new rider, a woman about 58, showed up for last Saturday's ride. While she rode better than I expected from her appearance (shape, equipment, lack of bike clothes), she was way too slow to participate in this particular group ride. After all, it's name is "Winter Century Series". I don't do centuries (usually), but I can hang with people doing the shorter options, and I'm a lot older than most of them.

At any point I could have just ridden at my usual speed and dropped her (like everybody else in the group did), but I wasn't convinced she could read the map well enough to find her way back before dark. And I know what it's like to get dropped, even though usually someone would come looking for you if you were late getting back. So I have a hard time leaving someone out there on their own if they don't seem up to riding independently.

So my rant is, dammit, I want to ride at my pace or draft and keep up with the "big boys". Don't screw up my ride by showing up for one you're not up to doing! Join a group that meets your capabilities, like a Class D, or ride on your own until you can keep up. I didn't really want to spend an extra hour and a half babysitting you!

Next time I won't.
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