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Monday, February 28th, 2005
1:09 pm
Stop slowing me down!
OK, I know that's a recurring theme of mine. And I'm not really that impatient. But why does someone show up for a bike ride not knowing that everybody else will be riding faster than they are capable of? The ride was listed as Class A-B, and the club info defines A as 18-20 mph and B as 16-18. A new rider, a woman about 58, showed up for last Saturday's ride. While she rode better than I expected from her appearance (shape, equipment, lack of bike clothes), she was way too slow to participate in this particular group ride. After all, it's name is "Winter Century Series". I don't do centuries (usually), but I can hang with people doing the shorter options, and I'm a lot older than most of them.

At any point I could have just ridden at my usual speed and dropped her (like everybody else in the group did), but I wasn't convinced she could read the map well enough to find her way back before dark. And I know what it's like to get dropped, even though usually someone would come looking for you if you were late getting back. So I have a hard time leaving someone out there on their own if they don't seem up to riding independently.

So my rant is, dammit, I want to ride at my pace or draft and keep up with the "big boys". Don't screw up my ride by showing up for one you're not up to doing! Join a group that meets your capabilities, like a Class D, or ride on your own until you can keep up. I didn't really want to spend an extra hour and a half babysitting you!

Next time I won't.
Monday, February 21st, 2005
5:44 am
What can the rest of us do when reality gets to be too much for Hunter S. Thompson?
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
11:08 pm
alright. here's my debut rant.

my daughter is 17 months old. she's adorable. she's perfect. i love her to bits. i'm a single mom, but her dad visits her occasionally throughout the week, we try to time it so that he watches her for my two evening classes per week and one afternoon class. so that's five hours all together. not that i'm complaining about that. no, something else pissed me off.

you see, yesterday i had a class at 10:30am. he was due to be here at 10am to get my daughter so i could leave. i check the voicemail at 10 and there's a message from him from 9:50am saying sorry, but he's just too sick to come watch abigail, and he hopes i can find someone else. okay. what's wrong with this situation?


do i get to take a sick day when i feel like shit? no. i still have to get up, make breakfast, change diapers, pry random objects out of her mouth. it doesn't matter if i'm stuck on the goddamn toilet all day, she's right there with me. so don't give me the "i'm too sick" line. that's pure bullshit.

secondly: 9:50?! like i'm supposed to find someone in ten minutes to watch a one year old? do i look like Genie? I can't nod my head and conjur up a nanny in ten minutes.

so. i was less than pleased. fortunately for all involved, class had been cancelled that day anyway, so i didn't miss anything. i had some choice words for him when he deigned to comment on my journal, but i kept my temper for the most part.



Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, January 15th, 2005
9:19 pm
X-posted to nefariousnotion
i don't like it when people spit when they talk. today my neighbor was talking to me about something completely unmemorable because i felt the utter need to dodge the spitballs he hurled my way.

duuuude. say it. not spray it. never forget that.

well, it sure HAS been nice catching up with you. have a good weekend!

Current Mood: amused
11:36 pm
Stoopid people...
I drive a white 14 foot diesel van/truck for a prominent shipping company. (It's white, with purple and orange lettering, you figure it out...)

My favorite thing is when I'm driving and the guy in the little teeny import decides to challenge me or cut me off.

In those times I always think 'go ahead, try it, this truck can and will run over you like a speedbump'
11:06 pm
Inattentive drivers
If you haven't ridden with me, you might be surprised to find my usual calm demeanor can be shattered by stupid drivers. It's particularly annoying to me when people don't move out smartly when the light turns green, thereby limiting the number of cars that can get through the light.

Yesterday I was waiting at a light behind a woman talking on a cellphone. About 5 seconds after the light turned green I was about to lean on the horn and yell

It's a car, dammit, not a $%&*$%$ phone booth! Hang up the bleeping phone and drive, bitch!

but then she finally started to move, just as I lightly beeped the horn. I just rolled my eyes as my blood pressure returned to a more normal level. I once saw a bumper sticker with that sentiment, and it just pops into my head whenever I see someone driving and yakking.
Friday, January 14th, 2005
2:26 pm
welcome, and how to post
welcome to nefariousnotion, a community where you can be honest with what's REALLY on your mind for a change.

i encourage you to read the community information to understand the mission of this community. you don't have to be an evil person to join. in fact, it's those of us who demonstrate restraint in our lives that have the most amusing thoughts that cross our mind when dealing in the most unpleasant of circumstances.

posts can be quite short - just give us enough background to understand the basics, and then tell us what was REALLY on your mind. i suggest you use itialicized text to highlight what you were thinking, but didn't say.

for our amusment, be sure and tell us what you DID say, instead.

this should be fun. if you have any questions, ask. :)

like, duh...

happy posting! i'll be making icons shortly, but if you have a gift in that area, feel free to volunteer your talents.

most importantly, don't forget to tell your friends about nefariousnotion, because it's cheaper than therapy!

Current Mood: helpful
2:20 pm
my first evil confession
so grandpa is driving me insane. but that's nothing new. after a week on bedrest he feels as though no demand is too large, inappropriate. as though i have nothing better than to wait on him hand and foot.

so, i was in conversation, taking a phone call from a client while he yells to me from the bedroom. the urgency in his voice made me wonder what must be so awful...

i cut the phone conversation short and jog back to the room.

"what's wrong grandpa?"
my leg's hurt. i need you to help me.
ok, what can i do?
well, that thing on my legs is hurting my knees!
what thing? the AFGHAN?
yes. it's just too heavy.

listen dude, you don't know what heavy is. i'm going to drop your ass off in the nursing home faster than you can say "pureed prunes" if you don't quit this bullshit.

ok there, sorry about that very heavy afghan. much better? *smirk*

Current Mood: pissy
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